What do you do next with all your wedding photos? Do you let them sit in your hard drives or only post them on social media? How can you make them become even more real, more tangible?

As a collector of antique photographs, I recently started printing out photos I take personally of my friends and family. Being able to hold a memory physically feels so different from looking at it on a screen. It takes me back to the very day of spending time with whoever is in the photo. The conversation, the laughter, the stillness, or whatever took place during that time. It also takes me back to feeling how I felt in that photo, a memory of the past that occasionally I would love to return to, to reminisce upon.

Basically a story to tell, to people who has never heard of, when they ask about my photos printed out.

Wedding albums are also a delight to have. The delight that comes from the joy when couples look at their wedding album for the first time in their hands. A joy that is beyond any explanation but only to their understanding, and watery eyes while looking through the album.

A priceless heirloom that you can also pass down to your kids and grandkids and possibly many generations down, with proper care. It’s a talking piece when you have people visiting you at home too.

Through it all, the importance of your wedding album and prints are for preserving these memories from this special day of yours. Digital files can get lost and corrupted, but with proper care for your wedding album and prints, they’ll stay with you forever.

Your wedding album & prints are as important as your wedding photos. Don’t let them sit in your hard drives or only post them on social media.

I’ll leave this question with you: What are you going to do with your wedding photos?

Or are you ready to get your wedding album or photos printed and looking for someone to help you out?

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