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I’ve seen countless weddings, but I’ve never seen the same wedding twice. Your love isn’t just rare. It’s 100% unique. And I believe it should be photographed naturally and authentically. And that goes for yours too! 

So no matter how you’re celebrating your love, my mission is to keep it real. Sure, let’s take family portraits. But I’m also here to capture those candid in-between moments—the giggles, the hand squeezes, and the looks that you give nobody else except each other.


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Hey hi! I’m Isaac! I was born and raised in Singapore and ever since moving to Vancouver, I've missed my family and friends. Hence I value keepsake photos of them as I would for your wedding photos - you and your friends and families together.

Romantic, nostalgic and vintage best describes my style with an overall cinematic and storytelling approach.

I want my photos to take you back in time and give you those warm, emotional feelings all over again!

Learn about my inspirations and Enneagram number!
A bonus, if you're into whiskey too!

Fascinated by love, I want your photo gallery to look different from everyone else’s because your love story is different—and that should be celebrated! You’ll walk away with photos that can’t be replicated and memories that’ll last a lifetime! 

With that being said, this is YOUR day and I’ll be asking you what you’d like out of my services. Maybe you want to recreate a photo you've taken many years before—I’m here for it. I’m at your wedding for you!

I’m a great listener, and I’ll go the extra mile to get to know your needs and expectations so you get the shots you want. When you see your wedding photos, I want you to shed some happy tears or (at least) do a happy dance! To me, that’s a job well done.

I love that photographs can take us back in time to revisit special moments and people in our lives. I mostly have my camera with me everywhere I go because I want the experiences, people, and feelings to be remembered and etched in my memory. Photos are—and will always be—important to me. 

Although I live in Vancouver now, I grew up in Singapore—and with a glimpse of a photo I can be back there! Now that’s pretty magical. 

How does this influence my photography? When you look at your photo gallery, I want you to feel the same butterflies that you felt that day—a week later or twenty years later. That’s the kind of nostalgia I want to create for you.

"Every history was an experience and a story."

There are a lot of wedding photographers out there. What sets me apart from others is that I pour my heart and soul to each project. If you know what the Enneagram personality test is, I’m an Enneagram Type 2, which is known as “The Helper.” My love language is also acts of service. In other words, I can’t help but go above and beyond to support and encourage you!

Yes, I'm here to take photos. But you can also depend on me to answer every emails and calls, to bounce ideas off of, and to get some comic relief when times get stressful.

You'll feel so comfortable during portraits! I'll start photographing from afar and let yourselves have a moment together and slowly making my way closer to you for the intimate moments. I’ll direct and guide you in the creative poses. You will have the best experience at your wedding with me!

You got this!

"You can count on me!!"

Inspired by history, anything from the early 1900s inspires me.

As a photographer, I admire the quality of art during this time period. So much hard work and time was put into each craft, song, and art piece. With less technology, creators couldn’t depend on advanced tools to make their art shine. 

This era inspires me to put just as much care and attention into my own work—in my eyes, quality will always reign! 

Does anyone else think they should have been born in another era? 

You can find me travelling the world. If not I'm out hiking and camping in the backcountry, or sipping on aged bourbon and fine wines!

And board games!

"Isaac’s not just another photographer, he's now a friend. He built a relationship and paid attention to what we wanted for our wedding photos."

Tiffany & Jeff

"Simply amazing! Isaac has gone the extra mile every step of the way and our wedding photos were absolutely incredible.
Isaac is a name to watch in this industry!"

Megan & Alex

"Isaac created such a comfortable space for us to be ourselves and captured our natural and intimate moments. Truly an experience!"

Stefanie & Oliver

"We are IN LOVE with our photos and will absolutely be creating more memories with Isaac again in the near future."

Cassandra & wilson

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kind words

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