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Ideas you can do with your wedding photos

What can you do with your wedding photos?

Have you asked yourself what are some ideas you can do with your wedding photos after receiving them in your wedding gallery?

There is only so much a digital image can do to evoke a memory, but holding onto a print or your wedding album allow you to feel it.

Here are some ideas for what you can do with your wedding photos.


  1. Print them into prints
  2. Make your wedding album and parent albums
  3. Frame your prints up at home
  4. Postcards or holiday cards
  5. A coffee table book
  6. Thank you cards to your guests
  7. Calendars
  8. Make a video montage (slideshow)
  9. Playing cards

1. Print Them Into Prints

Have you ever look back at old photos of you as a child or your parents old photos? Nostalgic memories and stories shared when you have friends and families over.

2. Make Your Wedding Album & Parent Albums

I can’t emphasize on this enough. Your wedding album is going to be next level! It comes in different sizes, where you get to firmly grip onto it while you flip through page by page with your loved ones. An heirloom you can pass down to your kids and grandkids and a talking piece when you have people visiting you at home. And a special gift for your parents as well.

You’ll get to design your wedding album with me. Check it out over here!

Ideas that you can do with your wedding photos.

3. Frame Your Prints Up At home

Fill your room or hallway walls with your framed wedding photos. Perfect as home decor!

Ideas that you can do with your wedding photos.

4. Postcards Or Holiday Cards

What’s better than texting someone, especially when they live far away? A hand written postcard! 

5. A coffee table book

Who doesn’t love a beautiful covered coffee table book? Tell me I’m wrong! 😆

6. Thank you cards to your guests

Instead of texting your guests, a more personal way would be to write thank you cards to them with a wedding portrait. I’ve seen so many of these at people’s fridges.

7. calendars

You’ve seen the typical calendar that you sometimes get for free in the mailbox. You know what I’m talking about lol. Why not personalize and design it yourselves?

8. Make a video montage (slideshow)

It’s a bit of work for this but if you love a fun project, turn your wedding photos into a video! Well a slideshow.. Accompany them with your favourite song(s), and watch it together with your family on Christmas day. Alternatively, you can ask your photographer to make your slideshow for you.


Now that you have some ideas, share with us what you’re gonna do with your wedding photos. If you want to print your photos into any one of the above, let’s work on them together! 

A little bonus tip for your wedding photos. You’ve spent a lot of money for your wedding photos and the last thing you want is for them to get lost or corrupted. Remember to back them up! Here are some other ways to triple or quadruple store your photos safely.

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  1. Nasia says:

    Looking to have our wedding photos put into 3 albums.

  2. Sheena says:

    Hi there.

    I am inquiring about getting my wedding pictures on a wedding photo album. I have just receiveed my pictures from my photography after getting married in July. I would like to use them to create a album. Please provide details regarding the album and cost thank you