Forested Vancouver Backyard wedding

This was a warm summer, both in temperature and the affection that both Eve and Andy have for each other. Their day started out in a forest just by themselves before being gathered around by close friends and families at their Vancouver backyard wedding in the forest.

Their guests started flocking into the backyard space filled with apple trees and blue hydrangeas. Awaiting them was also an outlined canvas of Andy, Eve and guests to be coloured by everyone's creative eye. Such a cute interactive idea before the ceremony.

Their wedding ceremony was accompanied with an afternoon tea and live music by the groom's band. What I love about their wedding is that they have created a day so special, creative and personable to the newly married couple. It's something I always encourage my couples to create for themselves - something unique and true to them.

A lot of teary eyes and heartfelt emotions when both families were sharing kind words about Andy and Eve. That's one of the "toughest" part of my job as a wedding photographer because I would tear up as well listening to how much the couple mean to their families and friends.

Andy himself is also a great photographer and we got to engage in some camera gear talk. Nerdy stuff haha.

If you're wanting to have a backyard wedding in the forest or by the ocean in Vancouver or around BC, consider no furthermore. It saves you on costs and also allows you to spend more quality time with your guests all in one venue. You can do so much within the space. 

And if you're looking for a photographer who shares the same value and excitement as you are, to understand your ideas and to photograph your wedding, I'll be here. :D